Who is sidsonic libraries?

sidsonic libraries - Virtual Instruments to create sound with!

Ever had the strange feeling that ?normal? isn`t good enough?

Looking for previously unheard material you can get really creative with?

Welcome to sidsonic libraries! At our page you'll find nothing but fine Virtual Instruments and sounds, introducing sound design possibilities off the beaten track. No matter whether you are looking for a fresh start for your musical ideas or just for some additions and fx that got character, sidsonic libraries has the right tools for you! Plunge deep into rather strange matters of sound creation and experience unbelievable versatility. Tweak the samplesets the way you want them to fit your crackbrained ideas!


sidsonic libraries is all about sound! It emerged from the desire to take impact on the sample collection of todays' musicians. Apart from frequently used standards and style-regulations we want to deliver products which can be used by a wide range of people to create their own musical ideas. Innovative audio-material from Lofi-, Hifi- and above all most crazy sources, recorded and edited in a professional way, that's what we agonize over the whole day! Our goal is to offer people tools they can easily work with and express whatever they have in their minds. There are no boundaries!

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