What is Circuit Bending?

Circuit Bending is all about modifiying or extending the circuits of sound producing devices such as drum computers, keyboards, radios or toys. In its' most simple form, trivial shortcuts are used to alter the tone of a machine, more complex approaches include dataline cutting, the addition of new components and assembly groups as well as connections between several pieces of gear. The results are impressive! Formerly boring devices can be transformed into inspiring monsters, that spit out one crazy sound after the other.

Circus Circuit Bending Library

For the Circus Circuit Bending Library, sidsonic libraries took 14 drum computers, keyboards and toys apart, added a huge number of new functions and recorded the results with great care. The result: Lively atmospheres, unusual leads, scratchy lofi basses and a broad range of innovative drums. Altogether, the Circus Circuit Bending Library contains more than 18.0000 samples respectively more than five gigabytes of audio material, organized in 179 synth and drum kits.

N.I. Kontakt included

The Circus Circuit Bending Library comes bundled with two versatile sound modules, which are taylored to suit synth and drum programs. Both are based on Native Instruments Kontakt engine, a full version of Kontakt is NOT required. The sound modules offer granular synthesis algorithms as well as a wide range of filters, modulators and effects. Taking the experimental character of the samples into account, the Kontakt players feature some rather extraordinary functions themselves. - A wonderfully obscure instrument with enormous capabilities!

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