Tubes? - Tubes!

These days, tubes can usually be found in preamps, compressors and distortion units as well as guitar amps. However, there are some nerds who build whole synthesizers and freaky effects based on the glowing components. The most esteemed expert in this field is Eric Barbour, head of the american company Metasonix. His creations are famous for their warm and smooth, yet aggressive sound. - Great fun for every sounddesigner! With Tubes!, sidsonic libraries captured the inimitable character of some of the most famous Metasonix equipment in all its particulars.

Some samples are 100% pure tube sound. For others, third party synthesizers including two modular systems were added to the tube circuits. The results are almost indescribable. You will find rough yet gentle pads, harsh and extremely voluminous basses as well as brillant leads and pseudo-acoustic instruments with tons of vintage flair. - Just to name a few. All in all Tubes! contains more than 10.000 samples respectively more than six gigabytes of audio material, organized in 135 sample sets.

N.I. Kontakt included

Tubes! comes with a custom-built version of Native Instruments Kontakt sampler, taylored specifically to suit tube sounds. - A full version of Kontakt is NOT required. The application features granular synthesis algorithms as well as a wide range of filters, modulators and effects. Equipped with this feature set, you are able to tweak every sample to the same extent you are used from full blown synthesizers. - Let your imagination run wild!

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