Tubes? - Tubes!

Tube sound bears, due to the tubes' unique technical character, some incomparable sonic possibilities. With soft saturation and the often quoted warmth, a lot of body and soul can be added to todays rather clinically sounding productions. Pads and leads start bootlicking and accoustic style instruments get wiser with just a little scratch of tube sound. Raising the level a little bit higher basses evolve to huge, clipped monsters and synthesizers go off screaming in a nutty way. This Virtual Instrument is nothing like farty, transistor- or digital-style overdrive! - This is Tubes!

To show that tube sound is versatile, a lot of audio-sources were used in combination with the little glowing buggers. From software- to digital- and analog hardware synthesizers up to a full blown analog modular system quite some combinations have been checked out. After recording, having versatile and seamless playability as well as canny filesizes in mind, every multi-samplekit was edited to deliver a high performance Virtual Instrument.

Chop it to pieces!
The Native Instruments Kontakt Player will give you a hand!

With the Tubes! instrument a unique version of Native Instruments Kontakt Player software is delivered, giving you the opportunity to start off with just a few clicks. Beside easy handling and playability, this software is also good for tweaking you happy! Several filters, effects and modulation possibilities guarantee that you won't see daylight for a long time. Whether you merely want to change harmonics a little or destroy it all in an outrageous manner, this Virtual Instrument supports your wacky ideas!
There are no limitations in style... Go demented!!!

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