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The next 33 shoppers, who purchase a Circus Circuit Bending Library or Tubes! instrument, will receive a massive discount: Instead of 99 Euro, they will get their new source of inspiration for as little as 33 Euro. - Including worldwide shipping. Don't miss out on this opportunity! zum Shop

delaMartial Drums

The german online magazine delamar just released a drum samplepack in collaboration with sidsonic libraries. The pack contains over 1000 samples, all done with a combination of analog and digital gear. Have a Look!

Organic Synthesis - is out now!

The Organic Synthesis from Rolands Jupiter 80 is the sound source of this sample pack. Expect the final frontier more

Speeched Drums german is out now

Imagine a room which is sounding like an "a" or a "z". Now imagine the a or z room has an accent like french or russian. Wouldn't it be cool to play drums inside that room?... listen to speeched drums

Drones is out now!

Even whales would cry if they could hear the sounds produced for this sample pack. read more

Speeched Drums French is out now

Imagine a room which is sounding like an "a" or a "z". Now imagine the a or z room has an accent like french or russian. Wouldn't it be cool to play drums inside that room?... read more

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Why Open Air

sidsonic libraries is proud to present the Why Open Air Party in Berlin. Come by and enjoy the good weather with us. Why Open Air

Big xmas update is now online!!

Massive Update! sidsonic libraries presents four new sample libraries plus a free x-mas special.

let´s check it out

Amped Grains is out now!

Bored with usual pads and atmospheres every cheap synth can provide? Well then, it's time for Amped Grains! This samplepack is done with granular synthesis, afterwards fed through one or more guitar amps for most crunchy results. link to Amped Grains

Finally sidsonic arrived in USA

Sidsonic´s Virtual Instruments TUBES! and Circus Circuit Bending Library are now available in the US via Steptimeware.  Hundreds of dealers, both musical instrument and computer, have accounts with SteptimeWare and can order any of our products. You can contact steptimeware to find a dealer, or let them know if you have a favorite dealer that you'd like to buy our products from. They will check their stock for you.

sidsonic is now available at bestservice

Tubes! and the Circus Circuit Bending Library are now available at bestservice. For shipping to the United States and Canada they charge a flatrate of 10,- EUR. link to besservice

Tubes! review on plughugger

Even though you can use this library for anything - I would say this goes perfect with techno, modern electro, minimalistic styles and for those moments when you need to scare the hell out of your audience or grab them by the proverbial balls. It's excellent for movies where a humongous lizard-godzilla-thingy emerges from the fog.
link to plughugger

CCBL Review on

This library truly feels like a labour of love, with much attention to detail and an overall high quality in every aspect of the more

Dark Drums

Dark Drums will give your beats the power of the dark side of punchlines. Elektron Machinedrum, Metasonix Scrotum Smasher, Wiard Borg Filter, Wiard Boogie Filter,Steiner Parker Filter, Livewire Vulcan Modulator will punch the brightness out of its misery! read more and listen

Plughugger about Circus Circuit Bending Library

There are no libraries that deals with circuit bending on the planet better. This is the Holy Grail for circuit bending fans and a goldmine for anyone who are looking for odd, moody sounds. Brilliant... read more

Kontakt 4 offer

For a limited period of time Native Instruments offers all owners of the circus circuit bending library and/or Tubes! the chance to crossgrade to Kontakt 4 for half price. This offer will expire by the end of june, so better hurry!

Pure Analog Clicks and Cuts

This sample pack offers you the finest glitches in a unique collection! Only analog synths and drumcomputers up to a huge modular system were used to create the cutting edge sounds. Moog,, Curetronic, Metasonix, Vermona, more and listen

Lead Inc - out now

A 2,87 GB collection with professional produced Leads is now ready for you. Many-sided leads, soft to twisted, built for expressive performances. Take your listeners' breath away and show them what your melodies are really about! For a selective shopping we splittet this pack in 3 smaller packs so you can start with just 16,05 Euro in the world of Lead Inc! 

sidsonic libraries - Online Shop

The sidsonic libraries Online Shop stocks musicians and sounddesigners up with fresh multisample sets twenty-four-seven. Whenever a new idea or some extra flavour is needed, this is the place to go! As always with sidsonic libraries, the Online Shop is all about quality. 24Bit / 96Khz sound material, several velocity layers and of course only high-end equipment for sound generation, processing and recording guarantee versatility and expressive playability. Devided in categories like Basses, Pads or Leads, navigation through the samplepacks as well as the selection of the right sounds is a breeze. You don't need a whole samplepack but just a few of the sounds? - Then go for just them and buy a subpack containing the multisample sets you are really about to use! A steadily growing database of modern to totally weird samplepacks enshures permanent supply with new material while low prices will keep the wallet happy.  For easy handling all multisamplesets are premapped in Native Instruments' Kontakt- (.nki) and Apples' EXS-format (.exs). More information and some freebies can be found at the Online Shop: sidsonic libraries - Create your sound-ID

Reed Ghazala

"As far as I can SEE though, I'd say this is one of the most comprehensive audio introductions to circuit-bending in existence, well thought-out and arranged, and a real treat to explore (if one can resist playing with the toggle switches mounted on the box long enough). A very cool package. Thanks for doing and sending this neat set. Good work" - Reed Ghazala about the circus circuit bending library

xmas special - update

The sidsonic advent calender has already uploaded 574 MB free Samples (24bit, 96kHz)  for you and there is still more coming. If this is still not enough, you can make a song for the contest and win a Circus Circuit Bending Library!

X-mas special

Looking for an inspired Christmas? The sidsonic libraries advent calender will give you festive cheer! From St Nicholas day (Dec. 6) until Christmas (Dec. 24), every day a new door can be opened.

For all circuit bending enthusiasts who love the art but don't necessarily participate in it themselves, Sidsonic Libraries has released the Circus Circuit Bending Library link to article

Sidsonic Libraries has released Circus Circuit Bending Library, a Kontakt Player powered sample library. link to article

sonic state

Well, we ran a story about it being introduced by a huge pink rabbit at the Frankfurt Messe but now we have more details about the Sidsonic Libraries' Circus Circuit Bending Library which is now available. Here's all the details from the company... link to article

top stories

sidsonic libraries recently released the Circus Circuit Bending Library, a Virtual Instrument featuring the distinct sound of "Circuit Bending". 14 Keyboards, drum-computers and toys were modified, recorded and edited link to article

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