The coveted unwanted

A random fluctuation in an electrical signal, a so called noise, is the basis of some of the most powerful sounds we know. Noise is available in a lot of beautiful sound colors like pink and white. This colored random fluctuations are the start of something very special, Noize!

How we did it

In the beginning there was noise and noise had a power! A power which is able to penetrate your ears and make your brain say, run forest run! To avoid this fleeing impulse we shaped that power and made it clubbable. At first we started to split the power into special frequency ranges which are familiar from laser guns and atomic explosions (which we all know from our all days work) down to sub frequency earthquakes.

After splitting this power we shaped it into sounds which will definitely wake your attention. We used just most elaborate sound shapers like the doepfer wasp filter, wiard boogie and borg filter as well as a curetronic steiner parker or the Q-107 filter. They worked hand in hand with the livewire audio frequency generator, synthesis technology morphing terrarium, make noise maths, doepfer A-141 VCADSR, Curetronic ADSR and a Symbolic Sound Kyma System.

How to use it

In every song, project or movie and game sounddesign is a point where you wanna wake up people and let them feel! This is exactly the point when Noize is the right choice! The sounds in this pack are loud, massive and fast. This sound pack is made to make listeners listen and focus their minds on what is going on.

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