Reed Ghazala

As far as I can SEE though, I'd say this is one of the most comprehensive audio introductions to circuit-bending in existence, well thought-out and arranged, and a real treat to explore (if one can resist playing with the toggle switches mounted on the box long enough). A very cool package. Thanks for doing and sending this neat set. Good work, Henning!!! All the best to you & projects, reed

link to Anti Theorie

Society Suckers (Chris)

finally there's a reason to stop trying to buy damaged cheap 80s drummachines under the illusion it is cheap and easy to modify them, sidsonic libraries has done it for you already, instead of damaging more vintage gear driving up prices the fun can begin now

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Matthew Dekay

Wow, this library is awesome! I've owned many libraries but 90% of the time I end up deleting it from my computer. However this is gonna stay on my computer for a long time! All the edit features and depth of the library is amazing. In my opinion its a must have for someone who doesn't like the ordinary libraries with boring sounds and for contemporary producer.9/10 Matthew Dekay :)

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Seit den 60er- Jahren werden Klangerzeuger modifiziert. Die Klänge des Circuit Bending blieben jedoch meist allein ihren Schöpfern vorbehalten. Dir Circus Circuit Bending Library macht die einzigartigen Klänge nun auch Musikern zugänglich, die den Kontakt Player einem Lötkolben vorziehen... download Test - PDF


Wer bisher "anders" sein mochte, fuhr entweder einen Volvo oder lötete kräftig an den Platinen von Musikequipment herum... link zum Testbericht

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